History of the BCSF

The BCSF was founded in 1965. From a small group of snowmobile racers we have evolved into a province wide federation of over 60 snowmobile clubs. The original purposes as set out in our constitution was to develop an organization that was dedicated to safety, the growth of the sport, protection of the environment and securing access to public lands for all. These founding principles are still valid today.

Safety is one of our main concerns and to this end we formed the Snowmobile Patrol Program in 1997. Through our trained instructors and patrollers we continue to educate our members and the public on the safe operation of snowmobiles and safe travel in the backcountry. We are actively involved throughout the province in the recreation planning process with local community organizations, the Ministry of Forests and B.C. Parks.

We pride ourselves as environmentalists and take great care to promote conservation and the careful use of our backcountry. We promote family activities and develop safe trails for everyone to enjoy. We have a volunteer awards program that includes scholarships for our youth.

The BCSF has been campaigning for the preservation of riding areas since its inception. We are working towards the construction of a province wide network of trails that will connect many of our communities. Each year we hold our annual Snowarama event and since the late 70's our BCSF members have raised over $3,800,000.00 for the Lions Society for Children with Disabilities.

British Columbia Snow Vehicle Association badge Back in the day, the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation was called the British Columbia Snow Vehicle Association. Above is the old logo.
Clipping from Salmon Arm Observer - Snowarama 1979 1979 Snowarama in Salmon Arm
Timmy's Telethon December 1996 Timmy's Telethon December 1996