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The 2019/2020 BCSF Excellence Awards

The 2019/2020 BCSF Excellence Awards

Each year the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation recognizes individuals, families and businesses who go above and beyond to support the sport of snowmobiling in BC.  Normally these awards are presented in the spring at the Annual General Meeting, but due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the awards were presented in October via a Facebook Live Event.  We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the winners of the 2019/2020 BCSF Excellence awards:

Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership

The nominations for Outstanding Dealership are as follows:

  • Greater Vancouver Powersports  out of Chilliwack/Langley, BC
  • Forest Powersports from Prince George, BC
  • Cycle Works West from Acheson, Alberta
  • M & M Performance from Kelowna, BC   

The winner of the 2020 Excellence Award is Greater Vancouver Powersports.


Outstanding Snowmobile Related Company

The nominees for Outstanding Snowmobile related Company were

  • Acumen Machine from Kamloops, BC
  • Never Lost Trails App who provide trail mapping throughout British Columbia.

          The winner is Acumen Machine.


Outstanding Snowmobile Family

The nominees for Outstanding Snowmobile Family were

  • The Schubert family from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association
  • The Eller family from the Vernon Snowmobile Association
  • The Salzmann family from the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club 

The winner for Outstanding Snowmobile Family is the Eller family with the Vernon Snowmobile Association.

Outstanding Youth Contribution

The nominees for Outstanding Youth Contribution are as follows. 

  • Brody Biluk from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association
  • Mason Kenyon from the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club 

Congratulations to Brody Biluk from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association!

Outstanding Snowmobile Club

The nominees for 2020’s Outstanding Snowmobile Club are

  • Coquihalla Summit Snowmobile Club,
  • Kakwa Park Snowmobile Club,
  • Hunters Range Snowmobile Association,
  • Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club,
  • Kamloops snowmobile Association. 

And the Winner for the BCSF club of the year is the Kamloops Snowmobile Association.

Groomer of the Year

The nominees for the BCSF Groomer of the year were as follows: 

  • James Campbell from the Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club
  • Leo Samson from the Kamloops Snowmobile Association
  • Kent Clarke from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association 
  • Dennis Cole from the Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club.

Congratulations Leo Samson, the 2020 BCSF groomer of the year from the Kamloops Snowmobile Association!

Pat Whiteway award for Outstanding Snowmobiler

The nominees for outstanding snowmobiler are as follows: 

  • Katie Squair from the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association
  • John Wren from the Williams Lake Powder Kings
  • Kevin Hillier who belongs to multiple snowmobile clubs including the Vernon Snowmobile Association, Hunters Range Snowmobile Association, & Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association

The recipient of the 2020 BCSF award for Outstanding Snowmobiler is Katie Squair from the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association!

The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation’s President’s Award

The recipient of the 2020 BCSF President’s award is Kevin Hillier from the Vernon Snowmobile Association, Hunters Range Snowmobile Association and the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association.  

Thank you to everyone nominated for your outstanding efforts.  Your contributions to the sport of snowmobiling in British Columbia are invaluable.

We will be delivering these awards in person when we can and until then we will keep the presentation video up from the Facebook Live Event!