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  • Donegal Wilson posted an article
    We are looking for a Project Manager for a Snowmobile Mapping Project planned for this season. see more

    BCSF Mapping Project (Phase 1)

    Request for Expressions of Interest

    for a Project Manager (PM)

    Scope of Work 

    The BCSF represents 60 snowmobile clubs in the Province of BC.  With this project the BCSF is looking to capture, record and upload all BCSF Club snowmobile trail data in BC to create a single data source in EvTrails. This will be Phase 1 of this project and and we hope to collect data from ½ the clubs (30) in the Federation this season.  The club’s themselves will be doing the GPS capture but the  Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for initial setup and training for the EvTrails platform, drafting of club communication plan, ongoing club individual follow ups, and technical support for this project in its entirety.

    Once the club trail data is received the Project Manager will upload the data to our EvTrails Data Warehouse and provide previews back to the club so that they can suggest edits or changes.  Once trail data is submitted and deemed complete by the Project Manager and the club the PM will submit a payment request on behalf of the club to the BCSF for their honorarium for completing this work.




    Ability to work with volunteers and support their efforts

    High personal organization and experience working from a home office and unsupervised.

    Familiarity with snowmobiling in BC and/or trail management.

    BCSF Snowmobile Club director or member would be preferred.



    Manage a large project remotely using technology such as provided zoom accounts, BCSF Project Management Software and Google drive.

    High level of personal organization and demonstrated experience working from a home office unsupervised.

    You will be required to utilize BCSF project management software to collaborate/track project progress with other team members.  So a willingness to learn the platform TeamWork.

    Ability to provide technical support to non technical people on the operation of a GPS devices, data formatting and other GIS data information such as points of interest.  

    Willing to attend EVTrails learning sessions to become a power user of the platform and share that knowledge with other platform users.     

    Advanced computer skills in:

    • Microsoft Office or Google Suite

    • Strong technical background in database management would be an asset.

    • Understanding of mapping and ability to work with shape files and GPS downloads.

    Must have your own office space, computer/laptop, telephone and high speed internet.  All software needed will be provided.

    Key Project Deliverables

    1. Attend EVTrails training sessions and utilize the platform to a power user level that can provide technical support to club volunteers.

    2. Work with the EvTrails software team to establish categories, layers, and the visual representation for our new BCSF map platform.

    3. Ensure that all data uploaded is clean and consistent with Project outcomes.  

    4. Be able to create and use mapping layers that are relevant to snowmobiling in BC.

    5. Development of Club messaging, materials and help documents to assist the snowmobile clubs capture their trail data and points of interest.

    6. Our goal for Phase 1 is to have at least 30 different BCSF snowmobile club’s complete trail data in EVTrails. Complete means that they have submitted the data, that the Project Manager has reviewed and uploaded the data into EvTrails, the club has reviewed the uploaded data, and signed off that it is complete and been paid their honorarium.

    7. Ensure that all publicly available data from Government around snowmobile management is uploaded including BC Parks, Wildlife Closures or management areas.

    Expected Time Commitment

    We are estimating that the Project Manager will work about 100-125 hours on Phase 1 of this project.


    Candidate selected by January 1, 2021 

    Project to commence January 15th. 2021

    Phase 1 substantial completion by May 31, 2021

    How to apply

    Please send a resume, a cover letter outlining your experience as it relates to this project specifically and your price estimate to:

    Donegal Wilson

    Executive Director

    BC Snowmobile Federation

    Send via email to and you should receive a confirmation email from us that it was received.


    Deadline for application is December 18, 2020.