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    The manufacturers are financial supporters of snowmobile clubs and associations across North America see more

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    2:00 P.M. EDT, November 23, 2015

    “Snowmobiling” a unique partnership between the manufacturers and their customers

    Haslett, MI, November 23, 2015:  The Snowmobile Manufacturers have a unique relationship with their customer base.  The relationships and the friendships begin on the trails and in the mountains.  The manufacturer employees, beginning with the Chief Executive Officers, Marketing Managers, Accountants, and Production Teams love to snowmobile.  Folks involved in the production, the promotion, and distribution of a snowmobile go snowmobiling so they understand the excitement of snowmobiling and the fun it brings to winter.  Enthusiasts involved in snowmobiling at any level are active students of the weather and watch for snowy winter forecasts on a continuing basis.  We all cheer together when the snow begins and always hope for just a little more.

    The manufacturers are financial supporters of snowmobile clubs and associations across North America.  They attend many events sponsored and coordinated by club members - their customers. The manufacturers participate in snowmobile shows open to the public along with racing events and more.

    To help support the education of the general public and the media, the manufacturers help sponsor and participate in Enlightenment Snowmobile Rides and introductory rides for new customers and the media.  Through the manufacturers’ international association, ISMA, they help to sponsor and coordinate military rides recognizing the dedication and service that so many young men and women provide in the US and Canadian Military.  The Military personnel and their families are thanked for their service and sacrifice and they also have a great time snowmobiling on some of the amazing trails and riding areas available for all snowmobilers to enjoy.

    ISMA, with input from the customer base, created the Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe safety campaign.  The campaign encourages snowmobilers to make safety a top of mind issue and encourages safe riding behavior.  The Safe Riders! campaign provides, free of charge, information that can be used for educational and promotional use. 

    The manufacturers, through ISMA, are major sponsors of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations – two national enthusiast associations representing snowmobilers throughout North America.  The manufacturers have established a very active Grant program available to all association members of ACSA and CCSO.  The program is used to support many activities undertaken by the enthusiasts.  The manufacturers and snowmobilers join together in defending their right to snowmobile and enjoy the great outdoors.  They also work together on a consistent basis to promote responsible snowmobiling and reasonable input into land use discussions with public land managers.

    The unique partnership between the manufacturers and their customer base began more than 50 years ago and was initiated by the common desire to develop a snowmobile trail system and riding areas throughout North America.  The years of hard work and partnership have paid off as there are more than 220,000 miles of groomed and marked trails available for snowmobilers to enjoy throughout the snow-belt of North America.  The same trails that are used on a daily basis in the winter by snowmobile enthusiasts are also enjoyed by snowmobile industry employees – who like the rest of snowmobilers – enjoy their weekends participating in their favorite winter pastime – snowmobiling.


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    Make your voice heard too by joining a local snowmobile club! see more

    HASLETT, MI, October 2, 2018:

    Snowmobiling is a catalyst for winter economies in the snowbelt of North America that generates over $26 billion in annual spending by participants and providing jobs, taxes and recreation when many hibernate. Over 2 million recreationists enjoy snowmobiling in the US and another 700,000 in Canada each year.




    The players are many and diverse, but they are all integral in moving the sport forward. They include:

     Individual Riders
     Clubs
     State and Provincial Associations
     American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) and Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO)
     International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA)


    ISMA’s role is one of leadership from the four Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) on issues that affect the sport, especially in the areas of laws and policy with governmental units on the manufacturer of products, and also with access and protection. Below are some of the ways the four OEM’s are involved on a daily basis through ISMA:

    • The manufacturers collectively helped establish and are significant supporters and contributors to the American Council of Snowmobile Associations and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations. These are the true activation arms for organization, political, and funding issues in their respective countries.

    • ISMA’s members, along with ACSA and CCSO, support clubs and associations in efforts to expand and protect trails, riding areas and other organized club activities. Financial support through grant programs and industry expertise and knowledge is available to support staff and volunteers.

    • The ISMA Safe Riders program, sponsored by the manufacturers, began in 1995 and continues today. The program support materials are available free of charge to clubs, dealers, associations and safety trainers. The campaign includes, posters, brochures, safety videos and other materials.

    • ISMA’s Avalanche safety education and outreach support began ten years ago. Three years ago, ISMA partnered with Ascender 360 to make education access even easier through an online program. ISMA supports and communicates on a regular basis with the American Avalanche Association, Avalanche Canada and the US Forest Service Avalanche safety training teams.

    • ISMA announced a new Safe Riders video series featuring 13 chapters covering key issues on snowmobile safety September 6, 2018. The series will be available soon to support safety education and market expansion. Clubs and associations will be encouraged to use the new videos to promote membership as well as safety.

    • The manufacturers, in cooperation with ACSA and the CCSO, work closely with land managers regarding trail management, maintenance, mountain riding designation, and proper postings.

    • ISMA and ACSA have jointly intervened on behalf of states, clubs, riders and even the US Forest Service over 12 times on land access issues, protecting riders when unnecessarily attacked. Especially in the Western U.S. The most recent example being: Our intervention in the Over Snow Vehicle Plan in the Lassen Forest in California within the past year.

    • ISMA and ACSA have been involved since 1999 in numerous lawsuits preserving the right to ride in the oldest national park, Yellowstone – to assure the precedent set there is one of inclusion.

    • ISMA has sponsored scientific studies that have proven no detrimental effects of snowmobiling on soil, vegetation, or wildlife.

    • ISMA continually sponsors economic impact studies to show the importance of winter recreation to towns, counties, and states in the snow-belt region.

    • The manufacturers continue to develop snowmobile engines that are clean. New snowmobiles have EPA certified engines, which insure clean air and water and healthy recreation.

    • Sound levels and emission levels continue to decline in snowmobiles with new state-of-the-art exhaust and related sound systems. All snowmobiles pass a rigorous set of safety tests - including sound and emission testing. The tests are conducted by a recognized independent third-party testing laboratory.

    • ACSA and CCSO, with support from ISMA, organize a Fly-In every year to Washington DC and numerous receptions in Ottawa to personally visit the law makers and Ministers from snowmobiling states and provinces – reminding them of the importance of snowmobiling and giving them updates on snowmobiling activities in their states and provinces.

    While the manufacturers play an important role, our sport is dependent on volunteers to make it work. ISMA encourages all snowmobilers to support the sport in some small way whenever possible – no matter if you live in Alberta, Colorado, New Brunswick or New York, there are many other snowmobilers volunteering on your behalf.

    Make your voice heard too by joining a local snowmobile club, a State or Provincial Association, and ACSA or CCSO – even if you can only contribute with your dollars. It all truly helps. 
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