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    BCSF Spring Meeting

    Excellence Awards & Gala

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    The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards honor individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and business see more

    The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards honor individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and businesses in British Columbia that, in the recent past, have made a significant contribution towards showcasing the popularity and the overall appeal of the sport, have made a remarkable effort to promote solidarity and responsibility within the snowmobile community or who have offered exceptional quality of service to snowmobilers.

    For the 2015/16 Season here are BCSF Excellence Award nominees

    Pat Whiteway Memorial Award for Snowmobiler of the Year

    Robbie Austin (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    Jack Kinsey (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Kathy Burke (Revelstoke Snowmobile Club)

    Stephanie Schwartz (Revelstoke Snowmobile Club)

    Bryan Jackson (Kelowna Snowmobile Club)

    Family of the Year

    The Snowballs (Williams Lake Powder Kings)

    The Derflers (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    The Enders (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Youth of the Year

    Levi Cartwright (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Kaiden McGowan (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    Groomer of the Year

    "The Brothers" Jeremy Maser and Toby Cartwright (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    "the Jeffs) Jeff Champ and Jeff Boylan (Coquihalla Snowmobile Club)

    Justin Lavoie (Rocky Mountain Ridge Riders)

    Bob Welsh (Vernon Snowmobile Association)

    Dealer of the Year

    Cycle North Powersports (Prince George)

    Forest Powersports (Prince George)

    Five Star Motorsports (Chilliwack)

    Promotion & Development of Snowmobiling

    Stump Humper Squad (Dawson Creek)

    Summit Avalanche Consulting - Ryan Shelley (Grand Prairie)

    Dave Merritt (Prince George)

    Tourism Development

    Wells Snowmobile Club

    Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association

    Snowmobile Related Company

    Team Thunderstruck (Rozzy & Randy) 

    Western Canadian Hillcross Association 

    BCSF Club of the Year

    Black Tusk Snowmobile Club

    Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club

    Kamloops Snowmobile Association

    Lumby Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association


    Please join us in Pemberton April 2, 2016 when we announce the winners.  For tickets please go to our events page