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    Please help us in congratulating the Kamloops Snowmobile Association on winning National Award! see more

    The BC Snowmobile Federation just received confirmation from the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) that our nomination for the CCSO Excellence Award for Canadian Snowmobile Club of the Year has won! 

    Please help us in congratulating the  Kamloops Snowmobile Association on winning this prestigious award! 

    The Kamloops Snowmobile Association won BCSF Snowmobile Club of the year in 2020 and we were proud to nominate them for the National Award.

    About the Kamloops Snowmobile Association

    The Kamloops Snowmobile Association is a club that is approaching 50 years representing snowmobiler's in the Kamloops Area.  They maintain eight shelters and more than 180 km's of trail.  They have agreements in place with Recreation Sites and Trails BC as well as are the designated stewards for snowmobile trails within four BC Parks.  They maintain a current website with regular social media updates for their riders and members to gain access to trail conditions, trail maps, and club updates.  They have an active Board of Directors that have put in many hours in the last few years writing and delivering on grants to continue to improve snowmobiling in the Kamloops area.  This includes the replacement of one shelter that they lost to arson in 2020 and the addition of another new shelter, woodshed, and outhouse.  Volunteers have been working hard to widen and clear all of their trails to allow for better access and grooming.

    International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Nomination

    Additionally the Kamloops Snowmobile Association was nominated to the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame.  There are only two clubs a year nominated for this recognition and unfortunately, a snowmobile club from Wisconsin was chosen this year.  To even be nominated to the ISHOF is a great accomplishment and something the club should be very proud of!


    The plaque will be presented to the Kamloops Snowmobile Association by the BCSF at our next Excellence Awards Gala. Be sure to watch in January- February for the BCSF Excellence Awards Nominations so that your club can also be recognized

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    BCSF Member eNews May 2016 see more

    In this issue:

    BCSF Excellence Awards winners & Gala

    Pemberton "the Host with the Most"

    Read full issue by clicking link below

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    Meet the winners of the 2018 Excellence Awards! see more

    This year, we were blown away at the overwhelming support and recognition of the people and organizations who work tirelessly to better the sport of snowmobiling in BC. There were a total of 77 nominations for 57 different nominees. The largest number of submissions in BCSF history! The BCSF Excellence Awards are a way to recognize people, businesses and organizations whom have made significant contributions and shown exceptional support for organized snowmobiling in BC. It is always an honor to be a part of the Awards and the following winners deserve every bit of recognition we can give them. Congratulations to all the nominees as well, we appreciate everything you do!


    We started of the ceremony with the Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership and the winner was Full Throttle Motorsports in Quesnel. Owner Brad Dunn is a Director for the Wells Snowmobile Club, and goes above and beyond to support his Club and its members. Full Throttle supports every Club event, through donating time, prizes, use of sleds, and sponsorship. Brad not only sells sleds, but he ensures club membership and encourages safety gear and training. He takes his own personal time to take customers to the mountains to help build confidence, to learn about the machines, and to show them around. He also offers after hours support and service. These are just a few of the amazing things that Brad contributes to the sport, his club and his community. His customers are like family to him, and some have been loyal customers of Full Throttle for 15+ years because of Brads dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to being the best. Congratulations Brad Dunn and your team at Full Throttle Motorsports!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts on behalf of Full Throttle Motorsports


    Next up was the Award for Outstanding Organized Snowmobile Related Company, and the winner was Outside Ventures from Prince George. Owner Dave Merritt offers both Avalanche Skills Training and Snowmobile Safe Operators courses. Outside Verntures is an amazing asset to the north. Dave is the first person called whenever the snowmobile club needs training or awareness and always shuffles his schedule around to accommodate almost any group wanting to learn. Dave works full time and yet still finds time to teach awareness in northern BC almost every weekend and often during the week. Dave is a person who helps. He is a search and rescue member and team manager, and his reason for doing all this is because he wants to see the sport grow and become even safer with everyone having knowledge of the backcountry. Congratulations Dave Merritt on the continued success of Outside Ventures!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts on behalf of Outside Ventures


    The Award for Outstanding Promotion and Development of Snowmobiling went to another dedicated sledder from Northern BC, President of the PG Snowmobile Club, Meghan Bosecker! She is hands down, the youngest Club President within the Federation of Clubs, and one of the half-dozen female club Presidents in the province as well. Meghan has put on numerous events for the Club this year and dedicated countless hours of her own time into these events. The Backcountry Avalanche Workshop she organized had over 90 people in attendance, the venue was filled to the max and although they weren’t prepared for such a large turn-out, they made due to ensure that everyone stuck around. She is completely dedicated to the sport and will do whatever she can to make sure that other people who enjoy the sport have a great time with it as well and know all they need about it. Congratulations Meghan Bosecker, here’s to three more years of success as President of your Club!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts the award for Outstanding Promotion & Development


    Next up was the Outstanding Snowmobile Tourism Promotion and Development Award, and the winners were the Valemount & Area Recreational Development Association (VARDA). VARDA does an incredible job promoting not only snowmobile tourism, but safe snowmobiling, sustainable development of winterized recreation (and year-round rec), and community growth. VARDA attends all three of the Western Canadian Snow Shows, and actively promotes their riding areas year round on Social Media as well. Club members and non-members have access to regular and consistent avalanche and snow condition information, as well as info on ethical riding, wildlife sensitivities, safety and backcountry stewardship. Congratulations VARDA!

    Terry Power and Curtis Pawliuk accept the award for Outstanding Tourism Promotion & Development for VARDA


    The winner of the Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Family were the Evans Family from Kelowna. Justin, Kyra, Brooklyn & Paisley were all in attendance for the awards, and in true volunteerism fashion, the girls even helped BCSF Secretary, Pamela Cole run the door prize draw! Justin is a member of Hunter’s Range Snowmobile Association (HRSA) in Enderby and is an active volunteer for both HRSA and the Kelowna Snowmobile Club. Justin and his family attend all club meetings, work party’s and events to support their Club’s. They even help organize gathering donations and executing the planning of Club events and fundraisers. Most recently helping to organize a fundraiser for Search and Rescue! Congratulations Evans Family, it’s families like yours that are the backbone of our Clubs, going above and beyond to support our sport!

    Justin Evans, Kyra Casorso & daughters Paisley & Brooklyn accept the award for Outstanding Snowmobile Family


    Maryclaire Snowball of the Williams Lake Powder Kings won the Award for Outstanding Youth Contribution. Maryclaire has been nominated for this Award in previous years, and is a most deserving young lady, so we were pleased to see her take it home! Maryclaire’s parents Mark and Laurie are the President and Membership Administrator for the Powder Kings, that along with Maryclaire’s older brother Nathan being hugely involved in snowmobiling, it is no wonder that this amazing young woman is following in their footsteps and is the Club’s Youth Director. She is an active participant in all Club activities, including meetings, work bee’s, their local snow show, membership drives, club rides, fun days and more! She encourages youth in her community to get involved in the sport, and not just the snowmobiling but that volunteering for non-profit organization like the Powder Kings is also enjoyable and rewarding. Congratulations Maryclaire! The world needs more youth like you, and your Club and Community are lucky to have you!

    Maryclaire Snowball accepts the award for Outstanding Youth Contribution


    The winners of Outstanding Snowmobile Club were the Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society. This Club went from being down and out to achieving many amazing accomplishments in just the last year. A new board of directors committed their efforts towards revitalizing the Club, a new logo, a new groomer, a record breaking membership drive, installation of a new beacon park, new events and fundraisers, new solutions with Rec, Sites and Trails, first-time attendance to BCSF meetings and events and increased promotion of safety. These are just a small example of the exemplary efforts made by the new WVSS, a small club with a big heart and an even bigger vision. Congrats Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society!

    Rob & Melody Chemelli, Garry Prosser & Rob McSheffery from the Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society accept the award for Outstanding Snowmobile Club


    Our next Awards category was for Groomer of the Year, and it was obvious from the 18 nominations for 13 outstanding groomer operators that these individuals all deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to maintaining grooming programs in their communities! But unfortunately there can only be one winner, and this year’s award went to Steven Miller of the Prince George Snowmobile Club! Steven is quite the ambitious and dedicated volunteer, often at a personal cost, but never quitting until the job is done and the Club’s needs are met. This winter he saved the Club’s Family Day event, single handed! Upon arriving to groom for the day’s event at 3 am and finding the groomer dead, Steven headed back, got in his personal pick-up truck and drove several kilometers to get to the groomer and give it a boost! Then he towed his pick-up down, groomed the trail, hauled in the event supplies, and even stayed to help with clean-up and hauling everything out. It made for one long exhausting day for Steven, but ensured that the Club’s Family Day was a huge success. Congratulations Steven, your commitment to your Club and your sport is exemplary!

    Steven Miller accepts the award for Groomer of the Year


    Our next award was for an individual who has shown an extraordinary level of dedication to improving the sport of snowmobiling in BC and who exemplifies the high standards and selflessness that Pat Whiteway maintained during his lifetime. Pat Whiteway (1944-2007) was a long-time volunteer and iconic ambassador for snowmobiling in BC. Pat was an oval racing champion, Kelowna Snowmobile Club President, BCSF Associate Director, BCSF Recreation Division President, BCSF Executive Director, many more positions for the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations, including president, and the International Snowmobile Congress. The award is considered the highest honour available to a BC snowmobiler. The winner of the Pat Whiteway Award for Outstanding Snowmobiler went to Curtis Pawliuk of the Valemount & Area Recreational Development Association (VARDA)! Curtis is a leader who not only walks the walk, but lives and breathes snowmobiling. He is Manager of VARDA (it’s estimated that he donates just as much time as he’s paid for), has his own snowmobile safety company (Frozen Pirate), and is a Director at Avalanche Canada.  He is also chair of sled com which is a snowmobile specific avalanche safety steering committee. There are far too many things to list here, as Curtis is truly involved in every aspect of snowmobiling in not only Valemount, but across the province. He is a true ambassador of the sport, and a very deserving winner of this award. Congratulations Curtis!

    Curtis Pawliuk accepts the Pat Whiteway award for Outstanding Snowmobiler


    We wrap up the Awards with a very special presentation from the BCSF President, Richard Cronier. Each year, an individual is hand-picked by the current President to be the recipient of the BCSF President’s Award. This award is to recognize an individual who’s shown outstanding leadership and contributions to organized snowmobiling within their Club, their community and the Province of British Columbia. This year, the honour went to Len Woodd of the Kamloops Snowmobile Association. Len owns and operations a machining company (Acumen Machine Ltd.), and has donated endless time, money and energy to the KSA. Lenny's passion for riding is only exceeded by his passion for good times while riding various areas across BC. Lenny understands that in order to create those good times, a volunteer usually has made it happen. That volunteer for the KSA is often Lenny who has stepped up with groomer repairs, manufacturing of various items for the Club, and many personal donations of time and money given to support the club. Lenny has personally invested his own money and time to attend Provincial snowmobile meetings, and further the Federation. Len is beyond a doubt an invaluable member of the provincial snowmobiling family and we are honoured to have him by our sides. Congratulations Len, you truly deserve it and thank-you for everything you do!

    Len Woodd of the Kamloops Snowmobile Association accepts the BCSF Presidents Award


    The evening continued on with more visiting with great people from across the province, congratulations were shared, and the good conversations carried on amongst old friends and new. If you have never attended the BCSF AGM, Excellence Awards & Gala, I highly recommend coming next year.

    As always, you can keep up to date on BCSF News and Events here on our website, our electronic newsletters and of course our social media pages. Thank you again to each and every one of you who took the time to nominate, and we look forward to seeing another outpouring of recognition and appreciation in the 2018-2019 season!

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    The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards honor individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and business see more

    The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards honor individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and businesses in British Columbia that, in the recent past, have made a significant contribution towards showcasing the popularity and the overall appeal of the sport, have made a remarkable effort to promote solidarity and responsibility within the snowmobile community or who have offered exceptional quality of service to snowmobilers.

    For the 2015/16 Season here are BCSF Excellence Award nominees

    Pat Whiteway Memorial Award for Snowmobiler of the Year

    Robbie Austin (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    Jack Kinsey (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Kathy Burke (Revelstoke Snowmobile Club)

    Stephanie Schwartz (Revelstoke Snowmobile Club)

    Bryan Jackson (Kelowna Snowmobile Club)

    Family of the Year

    The Snowballs (Williams Lake Powder Kings)

    The Derflers (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    The Enders (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Youth of the Year

    Levi Cartwright (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    Kaiden McGowan (Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association)

    Groomer of the Year

    "The Brothers" Jeremy Maser and Toby Cartwright (Prince George Snowmobile Club)

    "the Jeffs) Jeff Champ and Jeff Boylan (Coquihalla Snowmobile Club)

    Justin Lavoie (Rocky Mountain Ridge Riders)

    Bob Welsh (Vernon Snowmobile Association)

    Dealer of the Year

    Cycle North Powersports (Prince George)

    Forest Powersports (Prince George)

    Five Star Motorsports (Chilliwack)

    Promotion & Development of Snowmobiling

    Stump Humper Squad (Dawson Creek)

    Summit Avalanche Consulting - Ryan Shelley (Grand Prairie)

    Dave Merritt (Prince George)

    Tourism Development

    Wells Snowmobile Club

    Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association

    Snowmobile Related Company

    Team Thunderstruck (Rozzy & Randy) 

    Western Canadian Hillcross Association 

    BCSF Club of the Year

    Black Tusk Snowmobile Club

    Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club

    Kamloops Snowmobile Association

    Lumby Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association


    Please join us in Pemberton April 2, 2016 when we announce the winners.  For tickets please go to our events page




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    Each year the BCSF recognizes individuals, families and businesses . Here are the winners! see more

    Each year the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation recognizes individuals, families and businesses who go above and beyond to support the sport of snowmobiling in BC.  Normally these awards are presented in the spring at the Annual General Meeting, but due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the awards were presented in October via a Facebook Live Event.  We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the winners of the 2019/2020 BCSF Excellence awards:

    Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership

    The nominations for Outstanding Dealership are as follows:

    • Greater Vancouver Powersports  out of Chilliwack/Langley, BC
    • Forest Powersports from Prince George, BC
    • Cycle Works West from Acheson, Alberta
    • M & M Performance from Kelowna, BC   

    The winner of the 2020 Excellence Award is Greater Vancouver Powersports.


    Outstanding Snowmobile Related Company

    The nominees for Outstanding Snowmobile related Company were

    • Acumen Machine from Kamloops, BC
    • Never Lost Trails App who provide trail mapping throughout British Columbia.

              The winner is Acumen Machine.


    Outstanding Snowmobile Family

    The nominees for Outstanding Snowmobile Family were

    • The Schubert family from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association
    • The Eller family from the Vernon Snowmobile Association
    • The Salzmann family from the Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club 

    The winner for Outstanding Snowmobile Family is the Eller family with the Vernon Snowmobile Association.

    Outstanding Youth Contribution

    The nominees for Outstanding Youth Contribution are as follows. 

    • Brody Biluk from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association
    • Mason Kenyon from the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club 

    Congratulations to Brody Biluk from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association!

    Outstanding Snowmobile Club

    The nominees for 2020’s Outstanding Snowmobile Club are

    • Coquihalla Summit Snowmobile Club,
    • Kakwa Park Snowmobile Club,
    • Hunters Range Snowmobile Association,
    • Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club,
    • Kamloops snowmobile Association. 

    And the Winner for the BCSF club of the year is the Kamloops Snowmobile Association.

    Groomer of the Year

    The nominees for the BCSF Groomer of the year were as follows: 

    • James Campbell from the Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club
    • Leo Samson from the Kamloops Snowmobile Association
    • Kent Clarke from the Hunters Range Snowmobile Association 
    • Dennis Cole from the Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club.

    Congratulations Leo Samson, the 2020 BCSF groomer of the year from the Kamloops Snowmobile Association!

    Pat Whiteway award for Outstanding Snowmobiler

    The nominees for outstanding snowmobiler are as follows: 

    • Katie Squair from the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association
    • John Wren from the Williams Lake Powder Kings
    • Kevin Hillier who belongs to multiple snowmobile clubs including the Vernon Snowmobile Association, Hunters Range Snowmobile Association, & Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association

    The recipient of the 2020 BCSF award for Outstanding Snowmobiler is Katie Squair from the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association!

    The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation’s President’s Award

    The recipient of the 2020 BCSF President’s award is Kevin Hillier from the Vernon Snowmobile Association, Hunters Range Snowmobile Association and the Lumby-Mabel Lake Snowmobile Association.  

    Thank you to everyone nominated for your outstanding efforts.  Your contributions to the sport of snowmobiling in British Columbia are invaluable.

    We will be delivering these awards in person when we can and until then we will keep the presentation video up from the Facebook Live Event!