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    BCSF Executive Team Nominations are open! see more

    The Following positions are to be filled at the April 2, 2016 BCSF Annual General Meeting:


    1. President                                                            2 year term
    2. Secretary                                                             2 year term

    For nomination package and details please click here

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    We are looking for passionate people to step up and assist the Federation. see more

    The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation is dedicated to provide strong leadership and support to member clubs to establish, maintain and protect quality opportunities for organized snowmobiling in British Columbia and to promote the safe and environmentally responsible use of these opportunities.

    The BCSF is a non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board is elected from the Membership, by the Membership, to provide governance, oversight and leadership to the Federation overall.  We are looking for passionate people to step up and assist the Federation in achieving our strategic objectives and add to the strength of the Federations voice.

    Elections will be held on April 6th in Kamloops, BC at the BCSF Annual General Meeting.  We have the five positions up for election this year:

    Vice President (2 year term)

    Treasurer (2 year term)

    2- Provincial Directors (2 year term)

    1- Provincial Director (1 year term)

    Nomination packages can be found below.  Deadline for nominations is March 7, 2019.  If you would like to ask questions about the positions or the duties required you are welcome to contact the Board President, Richard Cronier, or the Nominations Committee Chair, Pamela Cole