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    Congratulations to Five Star Motor Sports of Chilliwack BC see more

    BCSF Dealer of the Year becomes National Winner: Five Star Motor Sports, Chilliwack, British Columbia
    Five Star Motorsports of Chilliwack BC earned Snowmobile Dealer of the Year due to their complete dedication to their customers, the sport of snowmobiling, and their snowmobile club. The business changed hands, moved, and had a name change, but the core values remained unchanged for 39 years. The dedication of Kevin Prachna and his team goes above and beyond to make it a better day for snowmobilers. It was one of their customers who brought them to our attention with their nomination. It is very apparent that Five Star Motors realizes that without a loyal client base and excellent places to ride, the sport will suffer, and they are not about to let that happen.

    To see all the Canadian winners please go the CCSO Website


    Five Star will be presented with the Award at our BCSF Excellence Awards and Gala in Revelstoke March 24, 2018.

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    Cranbrook Clubs hold ATV raffle to help pay for new SnowCat see more

    Alan Johnson, Valerie & Doug Williamson & Steve Donaldson were busy all day Friday February 16th, selling raffle tickets for the Cranbrook Snowmobile Club. This fundraiser is to help pay for the clubs recent purchase of a 2005 PistenBully SnowCat which is used to to groom the snowmobile trails in the Lumberton Valley. 

    A big Thank You to CANADIAN TIRE for making room for the Yamaha Kodiak ATV which is being raffled this year. The raffle is once again being organized by club member Wade Boardman and the Kodiak has been supplied by Peak Performance Motorsports.

    To purchase a raffle ticket on this Yamaha Kodiak ATV go the Peak Performance Motorsports -
    or text Wade Boardman at 250-417-9580

    *Photos and links courtesy of the Cranbrook Snowmobile Club Facebook Group

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    Meet the winners of the 2018 Excellence Awards! see more

    This year, we were blown away at the overwhelming support and recognition of the people and organizations who work tirelessly to better the sport of snowmobiling in BC. There were a total of 77 nominations for 57 different nominees. The largest number of submissions in BCSF history! The BCSF Excellence Awards are a way to recognize people, businesses and organizations whom have made significant contributions and shown exceptional support for organized snowmobiling in BC. It is always an honor to be a part of the Awards and the following winners deserve every bit of recognition we can give them. Congratulations to all the nominees as well, we appreciate everything you do!


    We started of the ceremony with the Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership and the winner was Full Throttle Motorsports in Quesnel. Owner Brad Dunn is a Director for the Wells Snowmobile Club, and goes above and beyond to support his Club and its members. Full Throttle supports every Club event, through donating time, prizes, use of sleds, and sponsorship. Brad not only sells sleds, but he ensures club membership and encourages safety gear and training. He takes his own personal time to take customers to the mountains to help build confidence, to learn about the machines, and to show them around. He also offers after hours support and service. These are just a few of the amazing things that Brad contributes to the sport, his club and his community. His customers are like family to him, and some have been loyal customers of Full Throttle for 15+ years because of Brads dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to being the best. Congratulations Brad Dunn and your team at Full Throttle Motorsports!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts on behalf of Full Throttle Motorsports


    Next up was the Award for Outstanding Organized Snowmobile Related Company, and the winner was Outside Ventures from Prince George. Owner Dave Merritt offers both Avalanche Skills Training and Snowmobile Safe Operators courses. Outside Verntures is an amazing asset to the north. Dave is the first person called whenever the snowmobile club needs training or awareness and always shuffles his schedule around to accommodate almost any group wanting to learn. Dave works full time and yet still finds time to teach awareness in northern BC almost every weekend and often during the week. Dave is a person who helps. He is a search and rescue member and team manager, and his reason for doing all this is because he wants to see the sport grow and become even safer with everyone having knowledge of the backcountry. Congratulations Dave Merritt on the continued success of Outside Ventures!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts on behalf of Outside Ventures


    The Award for Outstanding Promotion and Development of Snowmobiling went to another dedicated sledder from Northern BC, President of the PG Snowmobile Club, Meghan Bosecker! She is hands down, the youngest Club President within the Federation of Clubs, and one of the half-dozen female club Presidents in the province as well. Meghan has put on numerous events for the Club this year and dedicated countless hours of her own time into these events. The Backcountry Avalanche Workshop she organized had over 90 people in attendance, the venue was filled to the max and although they weren’t prepared for such a large turn-out, they made due to ensure that everyone stuck around. She is completely dedicated to the sport and will do whatever she can to make sure that other people who enjoy the sport have a great time with it as well and know all they need about it. Congratulations Meghan Bosecker, here’s to three more years of success as President of your Club!

    Meghan Bosecker accepts the award for Outstanding Promotion & Development


    Next up was the Outstanding Snowmobile Tourism Promotion and Development Award, and the winners were the Valemount & Area Recreational Development Association (VARDA). VARDA does an incredible job promoting not only snowmobile tourism, but safe snowmobiling, sustainable development of winterized recreation (and year-round rec), and community growth. VARDA attends all three of the Western Canadian Snow Shows, and actively promotes their riding areas year round on Social Media as well. Club members and non-members have access to regular and consistent avalanche and snow condition information, as well as info on ethical riding, wildlife sensitivities, safety and backcountry stewardship. Congratulations VARDA!

    Terry Power and Curtis Pawliuk accept the award for Outstanding Tourism Promotion & Development for VARDA


    The winner of the Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Family were the Evans Family from Kelowna. Justin, Kyra, Brooklyn & Paisley were all in attendance for the awards, and in true volunteerism fashion, the girls even helped BCSF Secretary, Pamela Cole run the door prize draw! Justin is a member of Hunter’s Range Snowmobile Association (HRSA) in Enderby and is an active volunteer for both HRSA and the Kelowna Snowmobile Club. Justin and his family attend all club meetings, work party’s and events to support their Club’s. They even help organize gathering donations and executing the planning of Club events and fundraisers. Most recently helping to organize a fundraiser for Search and Rescue! Congratulations Evans Family, it’s families like yours that are the backbone of our Clubs, going above and beyond to support our sport!

    Justin Evans, Kyra Casorso & daughters Paisley & Brooklyn accept the award for Outstanding Snowmobile Family


    Maryclaire Snowball of the Williams Lake Powder Kings won the Award for Outstanding Youth Contribution. Maryclaire has been nominated for this Award in previous years, and is a most deserving young lady, so we were pleased to see her take it home! Maryclaire’s parents Mark and Laurie are the President and Membership Administrator for the Powder Kings, that along with Maryclaire’s older brother Nathan being hugely involved in snowmobiling, it is no wonder that this amazing young woman is following in their footsteps and is the Club’s Youth Director. She is an active participant in all Club activities, including meetings, work bee’s, their local snow show, membership drives, club rides, fun days and more! She encourages youth in her community to get involved in the sport, and not just the snowmobiling but that volunteering for non-profit organization like the Powder Kings is also enjoyable and rewarding. Congratulations Maryclaire! The world needs more youth like you, and your Club and Community are lucky to have you!

    Maryclaire Snowball accepts the award for Outstanding Youth Contribution


    The winners of Outstanding Snowmobile Club were the Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society. This Club went from being down and out to achieving many amazing accomplishments in just the last year. A new board of directors committed their efforts towards revitalizing the Club, a new logo, a new groomer, a record breaking membership drive, installation of a new beacon park, new events and fundraisers, new solutions with Rec, Sites and Trails, first-time attendance to BCSF meetings and events and increased promotion of safety. These are just a small example of the exemplary efforts made by the new WVSS, a small club with a big heart and an even bigger vision. Congrats Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society!

    Rob & Melody Chemelli, Garry Prosser & Rob McSheffery from the Windermere Valley Snowmobile Society accept the award for Outstanding Snowmobile Club


    Our next Awards category was for Groomer of the Year, and it was obvious from the 18 nominations for 13 outstanding groomer operators that these individuals all deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to maintaining grooming programs in their communities! But unfortunately there can only be one winner, and this year’s award went to Steven Miller of the Prince George Snowmobile Club! Steven is quite the ambitious and dedicated volunteer, often at a personal cost, but never quitting until the job is done and the Club’s needs are met. This winter he saved the Club’s Family Day event, single handed! Upon arriving to groom for the day’s event at 3 am and finding the groomer dead, Steven headed back, got in his personal pick-up truck and drove several kilometers to get to the groomer and give it a boost! Then he towed his pick-up down, groomed the trail, hauled in the event supplies, and even stayed to help with clean-up and hauling everything out. It made for one long exhausting day for Steven, but ensured that the Club’s Family Day was a huge success. Congratulations Steven, your commitment to your Club and your sport is exemplary!

    Steven Miller accepts the award for Groomer of the Year


    Our next award was for an individual who has shown an extraordinary level of dedication to improving the sport of snowmobiling in BC and who exemplifies the high standards and selflessness that Pat Whiteway maintained during his lifetime. Pat Whiteway (1944-2007) was a long-time volunteer and iconic ambassador for snowmobiling in BC. Pat was an oval racing champion, Kelowna Snowmobile Club President, BCSF Associate Director, BCSF Recreation Division President, BCSF Executive Director, many more positions for the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations, including president, and the International Snowmobile Congress. The award is considered the highest honour available to a BC snowmobiler. The winner of the Pat Whiteway Award for Outstanding Snowmobiler went to Curtis Pawliuk of the Valemount & Area Recreational Development Association (VARDA)! Curtis is a leader who not only walks the walk, but lives and breathes snowmobiling. He is Manager of VARDA (it’s estimated that he donates just as much time as he’s paid for), has his own snowmobile safety company (Frozen Pirate), and is a Director at Avalanche Canada.  He is also chair of sled com which is a snowmobile specific avalanche safety steering committee. There are far too many things to list here, as Curtis is truly involved in every aspect of snowmobiling in not only Valemount, but across the province. He is a true ambassador of the sport, and a very deserving winner of this award. Congratulations Curtis!

    Curtis Pawliuk accepts the Pat Whiteway award for Outstanding Snowmobiler


    We wrap up the Awards with a very special presentation from the BCSF President, Richard Cronier. Each year, an individual is hand-picked by the current President to be the recipient of the BCSF President’s Award. This award is to recognize an individual who’s shown outstanding leadership and contributions to organized snowmobiling within their Club, their community and the Province of British Columbia. This year, the honour went to Len Woodd of the Kamloops Snowmobile Association. Len owns and operations a machining company (Acumen Machine Ltd.), and has donated endless time, money and energy to the KSA. Lenny's passion for riding is only exceeded by his passion for good times while riding various areas across BC. Lenny understands that in order to create those good times, a volunteer usually has made it happen. That volunteer for the KSA is often Lenny who has stepped up with groomer repairs, manufacturing of various items for the Club, and many personal donations of time and money given to support the club. Lenny has personally invested his own money and time to attend Provincial snowmobile meetings, and further the Federation. Len is beyond a doubt an invaluable member of the provincial snowmobiling family and we are honoured to have him by our sides. Congratulations Len, you truly deserve it and thank-you for everything you do!

    Len Woodd of the Kamloops Snowmobile Association accepts the BCSF Presidents Award


    The evening continued on with more visiting with great people from across the province, congratulations were shared, and the good conversations carried on amongst old friends and new. If you have never attended the BCSF AGM, Excellence Awards & Gala, I highly recommend coming next year.

    As always, you can keep up to date on BCSF News and Events here on our website, our electronic newsletters and of course our social media pages. Thank you again to each and every one of you who took the time to nominate, and we look forward to seeing another outpouring of recognition and appreciation in the 2018-2019 season!

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    BC wildfires take a toll on our Snowmobile Club! see more

    BC wildfires take a toll on our Snowmobile Club!

    This past January we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Emergency Shelter on Placer Mountain.  On the evening of August 16th we received a call from Tim Bennett, from the Forestry office in Merritt, informing us that our cabin was being threatened by the Cool Creek fire.  On the 20th Tim told us that the cabin was still standing, that there was hope the winds would shift east, and that efforts were being made to protect the cabin.  Unfortunately the winds shifted west and our beloved Emergency shelter was consumed by the wildfire. 

    After two years of preparation, working with Forestry, and up to 25 club volunteers the shelter was completed in 1997.  The original location was supposed to be near the towers, but at the last minute the location changed to where it is now.  The building materials were initially dropped in the original location, then helicoptered again close to the new location.  From this point an ATV was required to move the material to the building site.  Our club members dedicated many hours, days and weeks of their time to the making this a reality.  This was the location of many club events, such as club rides, BC Lion’s Society snowarama, poker runs and fun days. This shelter was also enjoyed by local hunters, hikers, campers, ATV riders, and other snowmobilers.   

    A number of people have reached out to us about how much they appreciated the shelter, what it meant to them, and have forwarded their pictures or comments.  Some have volunteered to help re-build in the future.  It is wonderful to hear these heartfelt stories and memories at this time of loss.  

    Summit Seekers Snowmobile Club have been around for 45 years with many dedicated members.  We are saddened by the loss of our emergency shelter.  We are committed to working with Forestry and other organizations to scope out our options later this year.  This new project, like the original construction of this emergency shelter, will bring the club closer, as members, family, friends, and other interested parties come together.  As a team, cooperation, comradery, and a pooling of skills will once again create a new shelter accessible to all for many more years to come. 

    Cori Beck,


    And the SSSC Executive team

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    $100,000 will be given to BC outdoor clubs to improve trail riding conditions & promote rider safety see more

    Information Bulletin - 


    Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

    Click here to read:


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    Cranbrook Snowmobile Club completes the Helen's Lake Shelter see more

    The CSC Helen’s Lake warm-up shelter project was completed over the summer, front stairs & handrails were built and the cladding was done. The build began in the summer of 2018 & lock-up stage was reached by autumn. Over the winter benches & a drying rack were added to the interior. There’s plenty of space inside to hang out with your group & cook some food or dry out your gear. 

    This shelter looks pretty cool sitting in the clearing with the mountains behind it. 

    Last winter the warm-up shelter saw plenty of visitors. Whether it was families with young children, older riders taking a break or riders making a stop to have lunch, the wood stove was often lit. On sunny days groups of snowmobilers would gather outside to compare sleds & swap stories of where they’d been riding.  The trail to the warm-up shelter is groomed, which makes it easy for beginner riders and for those with more experience there are plenty of fun areas to play in off the trail.

    The Helen’s Lake warm-up shelter is unlocked and open to all snowmobilers from Nov. 30thto Apr. 30th. It is intended for warming up and emergency use only, no overnight stays permitted. The CSC thanks sledders for respecting the limitations of use on the shelter.  

    The warm-up shelter build was made possible by a grant from Columbia Basin Trust, along with the generous support of local businesses and the many hours volunteers put into making the shelter happen. What started as an idea by club member Matt Gareau & seen to completion by CSC president Mike Plant, the shelter is a great addition to CSC riding area and something for all riders to enjoy. 

    The Cranbrook Snowmobile Club welcomes all riders, local & visitors to explore the riding areas. There’s plenty of fun snow & terrific scenery to be found. See you this winter.

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    FSA bridges the gap between fundraising and getting their new snowcat with some financing. see more

    We did it! Thanks to our outstanding volunteers and corporate partners The Fernie Snowmobile Association is one step closer to enhancing backcountry trail access in the Elk Valley. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but the new snowcat is finally here. Huge shoutout to the United Steelworkers of America Local 9346Super 8 Fernie BC, Canadian Tire Fernie, Elk River Engineering, Elk River Mountain Homes, Island Lake Lodge Catskiing, the Fernie Alpine Resort Summit Fund and to all our pending additional corporate patrons for helping us make this happen. We've bridged the gap with some financing to bring this snowcat home and would like to extend an invitation to any additional sponsors who may be interested in helping to clear up the balance due! Please email for more information on how you can help. Fernie Chamber of Commerce Fernie BC Mountain Sledder Snowmobile Magazine SnoRiders Fernie Fix Magazine Freepress e-KNOW (East Kootenay News Online Weekly) BCTV Kootenays British Columbia Snowmobile Federation - BCSF

    To see more pictures, and to like & share this story. Click here!

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    The BC Snowmobile Federation reviewed the draft Section 11 Agreement and submitted our comments see more

    B.C. and Canada have been developing a bilateral conservation agreement under Section 11 of the Species at Risk Act (referred to as the “Section 11 Agreement”). The  draft Section 11 Agreement contains overarching commitments, measures and strategies for the recovery of Southern Mountain Caribou in B.C.

    The BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) reviewed the draft agreement and submitted the attached comments to Government on behalf of BCSF Member Clubs.

    The top five key points from our response were:

    1. Herd Plans– We believe that we need to change our thinking on Caribou Recovery and focus on herds with the highest chance of recovery.  While the BCSF supports the development of individual herd plans and plans to participate in the process, we continue to challenge why the focus of recovery efforts is on herds that are facing extirpation in the near future.  The herd plans and recovery actions should be started for the largest herds first
    2. Baseline Herd Counts-We believe that the baseline data of counts for each herd must be included in the Agreement.  It will therefore hold all parties accountable to the starting point, make goal setting clear, reporting of progress consistent, transparent and measurable for all. 
    3. Incrementally increase Southern Mountain Caribou Habitat over the course of the Agreement.   We are concerned with the continued focus on habitat protection and there is no definition of what the end goal is or what percentage of increase is expected. We believe that habitat protection should be based on science and the individual needs of each herd and the habitat needs assessed through the proposed herd planning.  By making a blanket commitment to incrementally increase habitat it appears to be less about caribou recovery and more about Canada’s Target 1.  
    4. Self Sustaining–We believe that the Principles of this Agreement need to be amended to remove the objective of achieving self-sustaining populations. The definition of a self-sustaining population is one that is able to continue by itself without anyone or anything else becoming involved. We believe that the goal should be a net increase in population or targets that are achievable not a statement such as “self-sustaining” which is not realistic or obtainable. 
    5. Engagement with Indigenous People- This section only refers to engagement and consultation as it pertains to directly affected indigenous people.  It does not include the rest of the British Columbians that live, work and recreate within the Agreement area.  We believe that everyone must be included because it will take more than one segment of the population to facilitate positive change for the species overall and everyone needs take ownership of the recovery measures being proposed.

    To read the full response letter that was submitted please open the attached file.  

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    The BCSF reviewed the draft Partnership Agreement and submitted our comments to Government see more

    The B.C. government, the federal government, West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations have been negotiating an Inter-Governmental Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Central Group of the Southern Mountain Caribou (“Partnership Agreement”). The draft Partnership Agreement applies to the Central Group of Southern Mountain Caribou in the South Peace.

    The BCSF reviewed the draft agreement and submitted the attached comments to Government on behalf of BCSF Member Clubs.

    The top five key points of our response are:

    1. Term of Agreement should be five years-It is apparent in reading the Agreement that the proposed 30 year term does not match the actions laid out in the Agreement. The terms and schedules to the Agreement are short term or immediate in scope and much of the language is referencing items to be developed, possible projects to be considered, targets to be determined, temporary committees, interim measures and schedules that only apply to implementation of the Agreement of itself.  We think that the Parties need to embrace that this is new ground and instead use this agreement as the stepping stone to the creation of a long-term vision on caribou recovery with broad public support. 
    2. Managing motorized recreation– We are concerned the Agreements includes an action to implement the Central Group Caribou Motor-Vehicle Closure Engagement Plan. Our concern is based on that we have asked for a copy of this plan and have been told that the document has not been finalized nor can it be shared as of closing of this consultation period.  So we do not know what we agreeing to or commenting on.
    3. The Klinse-za Park expansion-  The current Klinse-za Park is listed as “Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) being prohibited in the existing park. ORVs include ATVs, off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles and side-by-sides.” The wording to expand the park without including this key piece of information makes it unclear to us and the public of the Parties intention to make zone B3 a non-motorized area. The expansion of this park effectively removes snowmobiling from two high value snowmobile areas to the community of Chetwynd and will not include the snowmobile sector in reviewing this action or its boundaries. 
    4. Habitat Restoration Projects –They are planning to undertake restoration projects but the list of projects has not been provided.  Habitat Restoration and lineal line removal can seriously impact snowmobile access but does not seem to have any requirement for consultation. By removing access to an area you do effectively close the area without a requirement to consult impacted users. This results in forcing the public onto unsafe access trails or can result in illegal trail building.
    5. Public Consultation-The agreement states that all consultation must be completed within four months of the initialing of this Agreement. We have been told that the Agreement was initialed on March 1, 2019 which makes the end of public engagement to be June 30th. With the public consultation sessions that were held in the Northeast scheduled only ten days after the agreement was released, we question the ability for the public to be properly informed or effectively participate in a consultation process. Also, the four month timeline also does not allow for the Parties to implement any of the feedback from the public or bring back a second draft for review. 

    To read the full response letter that was submitted please open the attached file.  

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    Club Event Highlights, Upcoming Sled Events & Safety Tips see more

    • Club event highlights from across the province including:
      • Revelstoke, Kamloops, Fernie, Enderby, Lone Butte, Creston, Kelowna & Malakwa
    • Club Hosted AST Courses
    • Upcoming Events 
    • February Safety Tips #sledsafer
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    What do you do to support snowmobiling where you ride? see more

    What do you do to support snowmobiling where you ride?

    Nicole Matei of the Fernie Snowmobile Association, and a true ambassador or organized snowmobiling with a passion for safety, lays out what it takes to maintain the quality of sledding we've come to expect. And more importantly, what you can do to support your sport. 

    Here are three things you can do to make sure our sport has a future. Click the Link below for Nicoles' article in Mountain Sledder Magazine. 

    Pass, Cash or Ass - Nobody Rides for Free - Nicole Matei


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    International Snowmobile Celebration Dealer event happening on October 25-27, 2019. see more

    Press Release  

    Contact: Ed Klim

    Phone: (517) 339-7788


    Iternational Snowmobile Manufacturers Association

    New Campaign to Celebrate Snowmobiling

    HASLETT, MI, May 31, 2019: The snowmobile manufacturers are collectively organizing and supporting a new, North American “International Snowmobile Celebration” Dealer event, happening on October 25-27, 2019.  The dealer-focused event will celebrate the snowmobiling community and prepare for the upcoming season. All snowmobile dealers, local clubs, and Associations/Federations across the United States and Canada are invited to participate in the event.

    The Celebration is being patterned after the successful “Snöskoters Dag” (Snowmobile Day) which has been held in Sweden for 40 years.  The event in Sweden started in the 1970s and expanded rapidly through the 1980s as snowmobiling in Sweden expanded.  The success of the event is traced to creating a fun family weekend, with involvement from dealers, clubs, associations, media and other industry stakeholders.

    Snowmobile dealers can use the time to begin the selling season with special offerings of products, parts, garments, and accessories.   “Show and shine” events featuring vintage and custom snowmobiles, towing and groomer vehicles are encouraged.  Safety training events, maintenance and winter check-up events for snowmobiles and trailers are another avenue for dealers to explore.  

    “International Snowmobile Celebration” is a fun, family festival type event, where Barbecue, some refreshments, music and an “open house” mentality will get snowmobilers prepared for the upcoming season!  Dealers will be contacted throughout the summer encouraging them to participate in the October 25-27, 2019 celebration. Manufacturers are supporting by offering co-op dollars for dealers who host.

    Snowmobile clubs are encouraged to participate with their local dealerships in the activities and participate where possible like: serving food, coordinating special events, conducting safety classes, while the event offers an opportunity for membership and volunteer recruitment.

    Snowmobile dealerships will be encouraged to contact local Chambers of Commerce, Visitors and Convention Bureaus, and regional media to support and help with the event.  

    Snowmobiling is a major part of the Winter Tourism economic engine across the North American snowbelt.  The “International Snowmobile Celebration” is a perfect opportunity to bring enthusiasts together in kicking off the season and enjoying the snowmobile family lifestyle.

    This October let’s celebrate the “International Snowmobile Celebration” event as one big family.  Manufacturers, dealers, associations and clubs embracing the opportunity to work together and celebrate snowmobiling in preparation for another great winter snowmobiling season.

    More information is available on www.snowmobile.organd

    #  #  #