BCSF Land Access Campaigns

The BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) is calling on all riders, dealers, manufacturers, commercial operators, communities and businesses to help us secure some needed funding.  Increasingly, across the Province, the BCSF and our clubs are being asked to participate in land access meetings and consultations. These meetings have the potential to impact rider access in many areas and appear to be driven by groups that do not support our continued access.  

The BC Snowmobile Federation is currently funded by a portion of membership sales in member Snowmobile Clubs.  The money currently collected from the clubs provides the minimum funding necessary for the operations of the BCSF office and insurance for club operations.  But it does not provide adequate additional funding to complete some necessary projects or staff coverage to maintain a wide scale campaign. 

Funded: CA$10,000.00
Goal: CA$50,000.00