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The Highs and Lows of Snowmobiling

The Highs and Lows of Snowmobiling

Here is a look at the highs and lows of snowmobiling...the Emotional Roller Coaster that is the sport of Snowmobiling.  We are a passionate kind of human who feels the highs and lows more than most but even during the lowest low we cherish the moments we have out in the backcountry with like minded riders.   

The Highs

The First Snowfall

The first snowfall of the year creates so much excitement many riders can not contain themselves.  You will literally see grown men and women rush outside to catch snowflakes on their tongue while happy dancing around the yard.  The first snowfall kicks off the season giving riders hope for a stellar year.

Blue Bird Days

Bluebird days are cherished by every rider.  Being able to bask in the sun and have clear definition of terrain features is such a bonus.  Another bonus of a bluebird day is the ability to bust out the mirror lens goggles that look so cool.

Nailing that Move

Nailing the line or move that has always been your nemesis is an awesome feeling of personal accomplishment.  It could be a line through the trees, getting your sled on edge, loading on a deck like a pro,  that hill you always get stuck on, or that re-entry that looks so hot in videos.   Finally being able to accomplish what has stopped you in your tracks on a previous ride is like checking something off on your bucket list as "nailed it".

Road Trip

Heading out on a road trip with your ride crew blasting the tunes is the best feeling. There is so much anticipation and excitement of what’s to come on the adventure before you.  The truck is filled with stories of other epic trips and what is to come.  It’s impossible to NOT have fun!

Fresh Snow

Snow resets are also something that drives a sledder wild with happiness.  One moment you think the season is over, the next moment you’re popping pillows and landing in a glorious explosion of fresh powder. April can be some of the best riding.

Sharing your Accomplishment

The moment you do something awesome, and you turn to see it was  captured on film or your wingperson is giving you the big thumbs up.  Even if the rest of the day was filled with stucks and whoopsies that one moment will be cherished forever.  

True Sense of Belonging

There is few closer relationships that what you have with your ride crew!  These are people that you celebrate your accomplishments with, that will dig you out of the worst spots, and that literally have your life in their hands.  With that comes a strong bond and a sense of belonging.    

The Lows

Old Man Winter is Late 

Waiting for the first snowfall can get torturous if it is late.  Watching the sky continually wishing for snowflakes while constantly checking the extended forecast is something we’ve all done.  While waiting for a snow miracle snowmobiler's tend to get cranky.

Snow Drought

With those blue bird days that make some of our best can also be amidst a mid winter drought.  During these times you will see snowmobilers flipping through their pictures of when there was a ridiculous amount of fresh powder further torturing ourselves.  

Rain and Warmer Temperatures

One weekend you’re riding deep powder and the next the snow has turned to concrete.  How can the snow season change so quickly.  Rain is the mortal enemy of every sledder who enjoys deep powder riding.  Screams of no can be heard all around when instead of the glorious prediction of fresh snow the forecasters promised is actually a rain storm.  Many will simply hang up their helmet for once you’ve dropped a shoulder in glorious powder, hero snow is simply boring.

Zipper Mouth Creek

Almost every snowmobiler has their secret honey hole.  That spot where the conditions are always great and few people know how to get there.  Nothing is worse than taking someone new into Zipper Mouth Creek and finding them with a whole other group in there again the next weekend.  Putting it on the ride guide for many people.  


There is nothing worse than watching your ride crew load up and the sun break out while you are heading off to work.  It’s even tougher when they boast about how it was the “deepest day of the year”.  This scenario can literally bring a sledder to tears.

All in all, we experience far more highs than lows, and cherish every moment we get to experience the amazing beauty of the British Columbia backcountry.